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Hi, I’m Helen. Welcome to This Money Works.

I started this site in 2018 after spending years of repeating the same mistakes with money.  Failing to manage my finances impacted every area of my life.  My marriage, my health, and my happiness.

For years I never seemed to manage my money. There have been times when I have just been flat broke. Other times the money has been there but I just seem to fritter it away. I never seemed to manage to save a rainy-day fund, or put money away for things. I have always been drawn to the instant reward. Never hesitating to sign up for a new credit card.

The last recession was super tough. Our cash flow couldn’t be mapped. My husbands’ business meant we were never sure when we would be paid. I had virtually no income after making the decision to study for my degree at University.

Studying fulltime, wracked with guilt, worrying about money, arguing, tension. It was the pits. Everything went downhill. Not just our finances, there wasn’t the desire to care anymore. Our home felt more like a house. Disorganised, tired. Struggling financially seemed to drag down every area of our lives.

We stuck together, knuckled down and got through it. The one thing I have learnt from that time, I never want to be in that situation again. Graduating University and walking straight into a job that I love, and that pays well was an amazing relief.

New Start!

True to form, there was a lot of spending those first few months of my new job. Within weeks I had taken a car loan. New clothes, shoes, stuff for the home. I could hear myself trying to justify my purchases. Convincing myself it was a short-term splurge after so much struggle. I told myself I had worked hard; therefore I deserved it. I was worth it.

12 months down the line. Yes, we had a steady income and all the stress was gone. We were happier for sure. The pattern was still the same though. It was just more money coming in and more going out. No savings. In truth, we weren’t better off. I could see it would only take one small hiccup and bang. We would be back to where we were years ago.

Making It Work

Things had to change. I was not going to be in that situation again. Not without a fight.

About This Money Works

The changes I have made have been simple. I am way too busy for complicated systems. Understanding my relationship with money. Changing my money mindset, has been super powerful. Learning to manage the numbers for the first time, lie changing.

I am not in any way frugal, and that really isn’t my aim. I’m just passionate amount making the most of my money. Spending on the things I care about and eliminating spending on the things I don’t. Most importantly keeping it simple. Money doesn’t rule my life, I just want my money to work as hard as I do!

Learning to budget and completely overhaul my money mindset has been life changing.

Writing about the simple solutions to challenges I have faced has been a great way to stay on track and continue to hold myself accountable.

Getting a handle on your finances is one of the most important things you will ever do. The SMARTER money tips will help you set a budget, pay off debt, plan for the future, and save more money in your everyday life

I know how it feels to be working so hard and never seeing the results. Repeating the same mistakes over and over. Life gets so disorganised you just seem to be living in a mess. To be consumed with anxiety. I know how easy it feels to just want to give up.

I also know how it feels to win the fight. The relief. To feel calm, peaceful. To be able to sleep all night without worrying. The soaring confidence knowing you’re on the right path. I made that happen. So can you. It’s worth it. I promise.

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