Create Your Dream Home on a Budget

create your dream home

Though it may seem a bit daunting and out of your league, building your dream home on a budget is something that is possible. You just need to focus on staying within the guidelines that you set for yourself.

If you are someone who if disciplined and are able to make the right choices, building a house that you love and can afford is fairly easy to attain. Even if you don’t fall directly into that description, if you are passionate about building your dream home but don’t necessarily have all of the funding, there are some things you can do to make it easy and affordable. 

Don’t Go All Out On Size

Everyone wants to think big these days, but when you are building your own home, it is actually a better option to think more on the small side, and buy smaller plots of land (check out to find land for sale). This can be really hard when every new subdivision you drive past is building huge homes that are advertised as available for almost anyone.

The reality is, no one really needs that much space (unless you have tons of children). Instead of trying to build a bigger house, get rid of or sell things you don’t use or need, leaving you with less stuff to move. Many people live comfortably in homes that are smaller, and are able to save money on electricity and gas. 

There Is No Need For Extravagance 

So many of the houses being built today are spending money on a lot of unnecessary add-ons. These include things like a crazy floor plan with multiple corners and beams that are built strictly for decorative purposes. So many of these designs do not make a lot of logical sense and are structurally unorganized, which means they need even more add-ons to keep it all in place. 

If you stick to a more box-style design, you can keep things more affordable and simple. It also makes house maintenance and cleaning much easier and less of a hassle. 

Open Floor Plans Are All The Rage

There is a lot to say about open floor plans. There are a lot of benefits to designing your house around this type of model. There are less walls in the home, which means less building material is being used. This means that the overall building cost will be less.

They also make the house look and feel larger on the inside, which can add some appeal to a house that may have less in the way of square footage.

The Material You Use Can Make A Big Difference

It is common for people to end up blowing their budget by insisting that the baseboards be stained wood, or the countertops be made from the finest granite. Try to resist the urge to be the next best thing. You can create a nice and attractive floor using materials bought from a warehouse wholesaler, and there is nothing wrong with laminate countertops.

If you want to stand out, try using bold colors on your walls and decorate in a way that makes your house look like you spend millions building it. 

Discount Shopping Is The Way To Go

Going to expensive showrooms are hazardous to your budget! The products have huge markups and offer very little, if any, added benefits. You can buy hardware, furniture, lights, and other things from online retailers. Showrooms are great to give you ideas of what you might like in your home, but then go buy the same units online at a much lower price.

There are some things that may be harder to buy online, but going into locally owned businesses and warehouses can help you manage whatever needs you may have. Try focusing on the things you need instead of the things you want.  Draw ups list of essential/nice to have/luxury items you want to purchase.  Look at your finances, and start working out what will factor into your budget.  Keeping track of where the money goes will be key to a successful project!

Building your dream home can be a scary process, especially if you are trying to save money and not overspend. Luckily, there are a lot of things that you can do to build your house within a reasonable budget and create a space that you and your family can all enjoy together. 


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