Make More Money From Your Home

Make More Money From Your Home

Selling your home should hopefully mean that you’re going to make some money on it, however, due to the unstable climate or perhaps the area you are living in.

It could be that you aren’t able to make much money on your house. If this is the case, then there are some ways you can add value to your home with some simple upgrades you can make.

Update Your Interior and Exterior

Do the obvious and easy things you probably should have done ages ago, so put a new coat of paint on the walls, fixing anything that’s broken and replace doors and windows as these simple jobs can really add new life to your house.

When people come to view your house, they want to see something fresh and clean; they also want to see that they don’t have to do a tonne of work when they first move in.

The outside of your home is also the first impression that potential buyers are going to get, so paint your front door too to give a great first impression. 

Pay Attention To The Kitchen and Bathroom

Fitting a new kitchen or bathroom is a huge task, can be very expensive and take a lot of work. However, these two rooms are by far the most important when it comes to selling your house.

If you don’t want to spend the money on completely new rooms, give the ones you already have some TLC and paint the units and replace the cupboard handles or doors, replace taps and give the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Open Up Your House

Making space in your house makes it more attractive to buyers today, so either focus on how you can open up the space you have or add more by getting an extension on your home or converting your garage or loft or cellar.

You will need to find out if you need planning permission and if you’re making an extension, you need to make sure you know where you can go because otherwise, you could get stuck resolving a boundary dispute which could delay you being able to sell your home.

You’ll need to make sure that any walls you’re planning on knocking down won’t make the house fall down or make sure that there’s not too much damp in the cellar to convert it. It’s best to get a professional in to give you some advice and they should be able to tell you what will add the most value too. 

Get Energy Efficient

Saving energy increases your house price and also saves you money on bills, so it’s a win-win. Getting Smart home technologies installed in your home will make it more attractive to buyers than homes that don’t already have this tech installed.

Telling potential buyers that there are fibre optic cables in your area could also encourage people to buy your house.

Look into other features such as multi-room music platforms, voice-activated systems, and smart home security to really wow your buyers and get that final price up as much as you can.

Lighten Up Your Home 

Light creates the illusion of space, so if you can’t afford an extension, then making your home lighter could be the cheaper and cheekier option for you. Darker properties often sell for a lot less than lighter ones, so making your home lighter is a really easy way to increase its value.

Clean your windows to allow more light into the house as this will also make both the interior and exterior of the house look more appealing to potential new owners.

Make sure you install bright energy-efficient lights bulbs to stick with the saving energy theme, but these can also really help to brighten up your house in the winter months when it’s dark outside which will also help to make your home look more attractive. If your home could do with more light, then consider installing a skylight.

Sliding patio doors can also increase the illusion of space your home too. These installations are more expensive options but still far cheaper than actually adding an extension or knocking a wall down.

More natural light and a view of the garden can be really appealing to buyers, so make sure you play to this and show them your house in its best light. 

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