Money Loves Clarity

money loves clarity
A few years ago, I had no clue about my financial situation. Typical head-in-the-sand, ostrich syndrome.  I would not hesitate to put things on my credit card.  I loved to shop. Shoes and handbags were a weak spot for me. Just grab a take-away on the way home from work because I didn’t feel like cooking. Living continually in my overdraft.  One card declined that’s ok I had another.

Credit card statements would sit in a drawer unopened.  I had no idea of the interest rates I was being charged. The total amount I owed, by when, and to whom – not a clue!

I would avoid dealing with finances unless I absolutely had to. It all seemed so boring, frightening and well grown up.

I had the opposite of financial clarity – vagueness and avoidance.

Having the awareness that where you are with your finances is vagueness and avoidance is important. But, there is no point beating yourself up. All beating ourselves up ever get us is bruises.  Feeling bad about your current situation or lack of awareness is not going to help you move forward. It is just where you are and that is totally ok.

It’s this awareness that creates change. 

The one thing money loves is clarity.  The only way to achieve clarity is getting clear on the numbers.  All of them. Day to day living expenses, credit card debt, loans, mortgage, overdraft.

It felt really scary the first time I went through this process. I literally had no idea what the final numbers would be.  Staying in avoidance seemed easier.  But, ultimately, I realised that staying in avoidance was causing so much unnecessary stress and anxiety.  Once I got clarity on my numbers the fear disappeared.

When we don’t know the truth, our imagination goes crazy. When you stay in vagueness and avoidance the fear grows.  Knowing the truth defuses fear.


So, get all the paperwork together, grab your favourite drink, a notepad and pen. Take a deep breath and dive in.  You’ve got this!

  1. Your income
  2. Your expenses
  3. Your assets; bank balances
  4. Who you owe
  5. How much you owe
  6. What the interest rate is
  7. Payment deadlines

This isn’t a process many people will want to take but if you really want to change your relationship with money; start thriving instead of surviving. This is the single most important step.


“Your degree of resistance around something will be proportional to the amount of power waiting for you the other side of that resistance”


Feeling like this is too hard. It is boring. What’s the point? I’m not clever enough. It won’t make a difference. I have too much debt. I don’t have time. I don’t know where to start – These are all signs of resistance. Label it as resistance and re-engage you will find so much power in this exercise.

Taking this step to gain absolute clarity on these numbers is powerful.  It really doesn’t matter how bad the situation is at the end of the exercise. You’re taking control.

When I had all my numbers together, in truth, it was worse than I thought.  At the same it was incredibly freeing.  I was no longer spending time in my overactive imagination worrying about how bad it could be because now I knew.  This awareness was a huge first step in creating a change.

Financial Clarity is Power. 

Simply by going through this process and getting all the numbers together takes a lot of courage. You’re taking control.

Awareness creates change.  You now have all the information you need to be absolutely clear on what your biggest money priority is. Clarity on the numbers is the single most important step towards feeling on top of things when it comes to your money.


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