Simple Steps To Stop You From Breaking The Piggy Bank

You’ve finally done it. After years of feeling like saving is for everyone else, you’ve managed to get a decent amount in the bank. And, you know what; it wasn’t even that painful! 

Now though, you face an entirely new challenge – keeping your savings safe, primarily from yourself. After all, multiple people manage to get into a saving habit only to let that money trickle away. This can be so disheartening that it’s often worse than not bothering to save in the first place. And, it’s a fate you don’t need to face at any stage of your saving journey. 

Simple Steps To Stop You From Breaking The Piggy Bank

Think of it this way; you can’t smash your piggy bank unless you’ve got a hammer, right? So, take that hammer away by considering the following ways you can protect your savings from you no matter what. 

# 1 – Put savings where you can’t touch them

In keeping with the hammer analogy, the best way to stop yourself from falling foul would be to put the tool somewhere you can’t get at it. A locked case, say, or somewhere else altogether. So, too, could you benefit from putting savings somewhere you can’t reach them. Let’s face it, spending them will be all too easy when they’re sitting in your main account and taunting you.

The most obvious alternative to this would be to seek a savings account that’s not easy to access. Many individuals choose to cut up their cards for such accounts to remove temptation altogether. Or, you may simply select an account format that requires you to inform your bank if you intend to move that money. 

Equally, alternatives to banking, such as investment, can also work wonders. Whether you’re looking into stock trading or cryptocurrency investment as offered by BTC Swyftx, these methods effectively mean changing the format your savings take. And, that alone ensures you can’t just spend them whenever you fancy. Even better, they could get busy earning for you as you distract yourself with this genius technique!


# 2 – Keep a clear saving goal in mind

Saving with no set goal in mind is definitely admirable, but savings like these are also the worst culprits of unintended spending. After all, nothing is stopping you from just convincing yourself you’ll replace that money next week. But guess what? Next week never comes. 

By instead implementing a set saving limit or purpose, you reduce the risks of this downfall and ensure you always think twice before you dip into the budget. Whether you’re saving for a new car or simply want to reach a certain point, you’ll be all too aware that you’re moving away from that goal with every penny you spend. And that, in itself, could stop you from slipping up. 


# 3 – Implement the three-day rule

Speaking of making you think twice, the three-day rule can also work wonders in this sense, and it couldn’t be easier to get your head around. As the name suggests, this method merely involves waiting at least three days before giving in to your urge to make a compulsive purchase. This is a fantastic technique to implement in general, but it’s guaranteed to prove especially useful when it comes to keeping your savings safe. 

After all, it’s easy to spend saving money before you’ve even fully registered any guilt or reluctance about doing so if you give in to impulsive urges. By instead taking the time to give yourself that three-day window, you have plenty of time to think about why spending your savings isn’t a good idea, and to develop a healthy dose of guilt about the idea of doing so. As simple as that, your savings will be safe. 


Simple Steps To Stop You From Breaking The Piggy Bank


# 4 – Revisit your budget

If you’ve tried the above and are still continually dipping into your savings, then it might be worth revisiting your budget on the whole. After all, making sure you have enough expendable cash to last until the end of the month altogether eliminates your need to ever even consider dipping into your savings. 

Admittedly, you may find that ensuring this means cutting back a little on the amount you put into your savings fund every month, but it’s still an effort worth making.

After all, a pot that grows slowly is better for your mentality than one that continually depletes. In many ways, this means approaching your savings with a slow and steady attitude, and you know what they say – slow and steady wins the race.


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