What Holds People Back From Having Their Dream Career?

There are many different important areas of life, including our health, families, and careers. If you’re happy and fulfilled in your work, then you’ll find it much easier to be happy and fulfilled in other areas of your life, too.

Nobody wants to have those Sunday evening blues every weekend, and it’s fair to say that having the ideal job would improve your financial situation too. So what stops people from working in their dream career? We take a look at a few reasons — and offer a few suggestions to overcome these reasons — below.

hold back from dream job

A Lack of Inspiration

You’ll find it difficult to have your dream career if you don’t know what it looks like. Given the sheer volume of jobs that a person can do, it’s not surprising that some people feel crippled by choice.

If you don’t know what a perfect career looks like for you, it’s worthwhile taking some steps to figure it out. One especially useful way is to think about what you’re good at, what you like doing, and what the world needs.

If you know all of those things, then you’ll be on your way to finding the right job in no time.

No Career Goals

It could be you have a dream, but lack the belief that you can ever achieve it without a turn of fate.  If there is something in your heart you owe it to yourself to stop wishing for a lottery and win.

Instead, turn your dream into a goal.  Draw up a plan.  It’s time to get purposely productive. Take small steps every single day to work towards your goal.

After all, a goal is just a dream with it’s work boots on!

The Wrong Company

You could be working for a company that you like, where you have friends, and yet it could still be the wrong option for you. When you’re analysing your suitability for a company, it’s important to think about your prospects, not just the position that you’re working in at the present.

Does your company offer you a way forward? Will it promote you when the time is right? If the answer is no, then it’ll ultimately become a dead-end job. You might not want to look for another company, but it’ll be important for your career in the long run.

Soft Skills 

We tend to think that our careers will depend on how well we’re able to do the job that we’re hired for, but this isn’t really the case.

Your ability to progress and to do your job as well as possible will depend on various other factors, too. For example, there’ll only be so far you can go if you lack in the soft skills that many workplaces require. For example, to reach the top, you’ll need to have a fairly reasonable level of communication skills.

If you find yourself in this position, then look at improving. There are courses that can help you to be more efficient in your communication skills. Remember: it’s about being an all-around talented employee, not just about doing one skill well. 

Other Responsibilities

Of course, sometimes it’s not that a person doesn’t know what their dream career would look like, or that they’re unable to get the best jobs. The issue is that they have other responsibilities, and have chosen to focus on them too.

This isn’t something to bemoan — many people are happy to settle for a slightly less satisfying career if they have other good things in their life. 


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